Former SFFC Volunteer Tiffany Chan Attends Annual Luncheon

Former SFFC Volunteer Tiffany Chan and SFFC Staffer

Former SFFC Volunteer Tiffany Chan and SFFC Staffer

This year I had the pleasure of attending the SFFC annual luncheon five years after leaving SFFC for medical school. I started as a back-office volunteer in 2009 and was amazed at how effectively the clinic served the community.

After finishing medical school and starting residency, I have an even greater appreciation for the clinic. It still thrives and has expanded services to include wellness and preventative care. Volunteers even participate in clinical case discussions. This will give them a great educational advantage when entering medical school. 

Volunteering for two years at SFFC helped shape decisions I made for myself in medicine. Now I am a resident in Emergency Medicine at a "safety net" hospital in Newark, New Jersey.

Much like SFFC, which is the "safety net" clinic for San Francisco, my hospital cares for these patients in Newark. I am proud to continue this work -- which was cultivated at SFFC as a volunteer -- now as a resident physician in the Emergency Department.

Tiffany Chan, M.D.

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