CVS Health Provides Grant To Help Patients Stop Smoking


The CVS Foundation has recently awarded a one-year grant to the San Francisco Free Clinic to support a new comprehensive smoking cessation initiative.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Individuals who lack insurance have fewer opportunities to discuss stopping smoking with a healthcare provider and have limited access to therapies that can help them to be successful in quit attempts. SFFC estimates that 20% of our patients currently use nicotine products and a high proportion of those patients report interest in stopping smoking.

SFFC has implemented a new initiative that involves 1:1 motivational counseling, provision of resources including quit kits, nicotine replacement therapy, medications that assist individuals in quitting smoking, and other support including follow-up phone calls, a text-message based program, and 1:1 visits with a healthcare provider. CVS has provided a grant to support this initiative and donation of nicotine replacement products. SFFC will track patient engagement, patient quit attempts, and the number of successful quit attempts by patients. We are excited to offer this important service to our patient community!