Our volunteer program helps us meet an important part of our mission—advancing the field of primary care by providing educational opportunities for future medical practitioners.

The volunteers at the San Francisco Free Clinic span a wide range of talent and experience, and they contribute their skill in every aspect of the clinic's operations.

Our volunteers include middle and high school students learning how the front office works, pre-nursing and pre-medical students who gain practical experience assisting in our back office, as well as our medical students and residents who are directly responsible for patient care.

Here's what some of our volunteers have to say about working with us:

The memories of my weekly visits to the clinic and my interactions with patients through the years have always invigorated my resolve to become a doctor in order to help those most in need.
I began my tenure at SFFC as an eight-grader on a community service trip. Eight years later, with high school and college in between, I have a degree in public health and am working in healthcare in San Francisco. The clinic is an invaluable part of my life and career.
My extended volunteer experience at SFFC has taught me compassion and understanding, compelled me into the world of public health, and introduced me to clinicians and administrators I am proud to call more than just friends or mentors . . . they are family.
I came to the clinic to get a glimpse into the medical field. What I found, in addition to that, was a family that treated me with the same care and compassion they offer each of their patients.
Every patient I help comes with a new story and a new perspective. The clinic has become much more than how I spent my Thursday afternoons. It is a place where I can engage with the diverse and vibrant community that surrounds me.

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