Volunteer Specialists Needed

As we enter a new time of uncertainty in America's healthcare milieu, SFFC is putting out a call to recruit more volunteer MD specialists.

Volunteering at the SF Free Clinic reminds me of why I decided to become a doctor.
— Dr. Jonah Mullens, Volunteer Podiatrist

SFFC's model for volunteer specialists has always been simple: "ask for a little from many, and keep the paperwork to a minimum."

Typically, volunteer specialists provide 1 or 2 one-time consultations per month, without ever having to leave their own offices.

Ob/GYN Dr. Jan Hansen says of her 15-year stint volunteering for SFFC: "I can't imagine not being a part of the SF Free Clinic. The patients, staff, students and volunteers all work together to provide outstanding, compassionate, evidence-based care."

We are in particular need of specialists in:
- dermatology
- gastroenterology
- podiatry
- neurology
- urology
- allergy

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our specialist liaison Dr. Daniel Chrobak, call us at 415-750-9087, or simply stop by to visit!